17 June 2011

Just for him

Growing up, I always remember him as a Mr Know-it-all. If we were in the the car, I would ask him questions and would always be eager to know his answers. He seems to know all the answers.

'What building is this?
'What are they constructing there?'
'Why are they doing that?
'Where is this place?'
'How did that happen?'

And so it goes. I would refer him as my personal encyclopedia. Even if he didn't know the answers, he would try his best to answer them well.

Holding a position which requires him to be professional and serious at work, he is the complete opposite at home. He has this really great sense of humor at times. I always had a good laugh at his pantun dua kerat (half-a-stanza-poem). He would invent something like 'Daun kaduk daun mengkudu, how do you do?'.

He has always been watching my back ever since I could remember. He would personally send me wherever I needed to go - tuition classes, courses, camps or even hang out with friends. He never really trusted me taking the public transport. I have a vivid memory of my school years. I was in Form 1 and was in the afternoon session. The school was located near the main roads heading towards the city center. Because of that, I was often caught in the traffic hassle.

One day, I missed the school bus and had to take the public bus back home. It was already close to 7.30 pm at that time, but there were no signs of any bus stopping. The bus didn't stop because it was already crammed with people. Back then, we didn't have mobile phones like kids today, so my parents didn't know that I had missed the bus. By the time I got onto the bus, it was already half past eight. The traffic was terrible, bumper to bumper. I finally reached the bus stop near my house close to 10 pm. And then I saw him, sitting in front of the house in his sarong and worn-out white Pagoda t-shirt, waiting for me anxiously. I knew my mum was waiting upstairs near the window as well.

That similar incident occurred another 3 times that year. After that, he and my mum decided to transfer me to school closer to home so that I could just walk to and fro. Despite the walking distance, sometimes he would drive me to school.

When I was studying in Johor, I constantly had to travel by bus. As always, he would send me to the bus station whenever I had to go back to Johor. He would accompany me, patiently waited until I boarded the bus and waited for the bus to make a move before leaving the station. He would tell me, 'Please report to me where you are every hour,'.

Trip to the doctor was a common occurrence for me throughout my life. I hated them. For my own sake, he would force me to go with him. He would take time off from work and bring me to the hospital for appointments. I would often feel guilty because of that.

I could go on and on about all the things that he has done for the family and myself, but then I would have to write a novel, wouldn't I? Even if I do, there are no exact words that can be said to thank him enough. Thank you Allah for lending him to mama and us.

I love you so much Bah, Happy Father's Day.

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