28 September 2010

Things That Makes Me Smile

Colourful lab experiments

Kids running in the rain wearing Baju Melayu

Friends getting married

Baby photoshoot!

Sleepy inverted cats

Magic colours.. apa yang magicnya?

Mujahidahs and future leaders

Book sales, book fairs, books!

What are the things that makes you smile??

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diba said...

me..to dis pic make me smile;_)

Cahaya Sakinah said...

what make me smile? ur smile..hehehe

Khairina 'Izzati said...

diba: =)

syakina: ur smile makes me smile too. :)

Mutiara Bernilai said...


books,kids, flower, parent, sahabiah..


jg diri dear,,

~ bunda Ena

Ajan said...

Yang pertama tu...
aku yang stres!

*Perlu ke?*

*rolling eyes*

Tapi dapat idea untuk blog entry. Thanks Kina!