27 November 2009

Book Hunting 2

It's book hunting season again and this time it's at Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya. When we arrived at lunch time, we were surprised to see a crowd queuing in front of the entrance of the book sale. What was worst is that the entrance was closed as there were far too many people inside and the queue at the cashier's counter was 1 hour long! But hey, that won't stop us from hunting books! What surprises me most is the fact that it is the eve of Aidiladha and - supposedly - most people should be out of town and heading back to their hometown. It was also a weekday. Don't these people have to work? And it's only the first day of the sale!

We finally got in after a few minutes. There were piles of books everywhere. People were carrying boxes and pushing trolleys. We got ourselves a box too. In Malay, that would be called as 'cari pasal'.

Some of the book that we bought

So what are you guys waiting for?! Jum serang ramai-ramai!


azhari azmi said...

wo best gile book sale. by the way, banyak gile korang beli. are you guys going to sell those books later? best2.

afiqah azumi said...

i would love to serang too
but i'm at penang now
so do you mind serang them 4 me?
uh, how i wish to be there..
i want this eclipse book
the sequence from the twilight and new moon..
wait till i come, then i'll seramg insyaAllah.. (^_^)

Khairina 'Izzati said...

>fiqa: i already read all the twilight saga's.but i borrowed them from a fren..can't really afford to buy them. and anyway, they are not sold at the booksale.but there's a shop where u can get eclipse for half price.i'm going there next week.i can buy them for u if u want..

>azhari: nah,this time we bought less than the last booksale. don't think we're gonna sell them..

afiqah azumi said...

u did?? oh, mann.. i'm left behind. actually, i'm waiting for these books printed in a small size published. jz like the new new moon.. but guess i've to wait till next year 4 that.. i would love if u can buy 1 4 me.. can u?

Khairina 'Izzati said...

i'll try to find it yeah..i'll let u know the price. :)

atikah said...

jelesnye tengok buku banyak2!!tapi buku yg sedia ade pn tak habis bace lagi..

Hafiz El Hilmi said...

ada tak?

afiqah azumi said...

that's so sweet of u.. it'll b sweeter if the book is a present from u.. hehe.. joking.. many thnx!~ (^_^)